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Hat Etiquette

Hat etiquette is definitely the norm in the fashion world. Although we live in an age when rules are often left in the past and we usually hold an attitude that “anything goes”, it’s still need to know that some of these rules really do matter. For example, you would not wear jeans and a hat to take a job interview and you don’t wear T-shirt and shorts to a formal party. There are a variety of hats for men at present, including fedora hats, bucket hat, baseball cap and the others.

Similarly, hat etiquette dictates that indoor hats are more appropriate for social occasions and less appropriate for business occasions. This means that no matter how casual a certain style of business hat is, it probably won’t look as good if you wear it to the office. What’s more, the etiquette actually applies mainly to women who often wear hats as part of their outfits. This etiquette shows that it is polite for a man to remove his hat when entering a room, whether it is social or business occasion.  

Keep in mind that wearing any fashionable hat is often about expressing your attitude or opinion. Ultimately, these rules don’t always suit when you work in a company with more relaxed and low-key atmosphere. For example, if you work for a creative company, wearing a fedora or another hat that fits your style might be appropriate. You don’t need a hat to shield your face and eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation indoors. Wearing a hat may be a good way to manage your bad hair day. In fact, much of this depends on the environment you work in.   

Business casual is loosely defined as something that is less formal but still have business elegant vibe. The idea is to make a good impression without wearing a suit and tie. Business casual is less stuffy than a traditional suit. You can wear a button-down shirt, a blazer and more casual pants, plus a nice hat. The entire outfit is less formal to the business environment.  

Knowing when to take hats off is just as important as wearing the right hat for the right occasion. Throughout history, hats symbolized social status, and taking them off was a sign of respect. In the old days, men took off their hats in Christian churches, when walking into someone’s home, when greeting the boss, and when seeing a lady, they will take off their hats to show respect; while women are completely exempt from the “hat rules”, they can wear or remove their hats whenever and wherever they want. Although some of these customs are now a thing of the past, even in today’s casual culture, men and women still take off their hats to show respect.  

Men’s hat etiquette is different from women’s in modern society. For example, when at someone’s home, men must remove their hats; while women can wear the hat in someone’ home except for baseball-style caps. Some of hat etiquette both for men and women are the same. For instance, they all need to take off hats when being introduced. Although most of us would not follow the etiquette at present, while some of them has become common rules that we should pay attention to.