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Things that Affect How Well Your Hats Block UV Rays

Hats are the first line of defense against the sun. The right hat is more effective in blocking the sun’s rays than sunscreen because people don’t usually use sunscreen in the right way because it has to be applied every two hours, but people often forget about it and some people only apply it once before they go outside. But not all hats offer the same level of protection. Different hats with different fabrics offer different level of sun protection. So how can you be sure this hat is effective in blocking the sun’s rays?

Here are several things that you should consider when buying a new hat with sun protection in mind. First, the color of your hat can affect how well it protects you from UV damage. Dark or bright colors, including red, black and navy blue, absorb more UV rays than lighter colors, such as white and beige. As a rule of thumb, the darker the color, the better the protection the hat will provide.

Secondly, like color, the material, weave and texture of your hat can affect how well it protects you from UV damage. Synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers, such as polyester and rayon are the best choice for sun protection, as are dense, heavy and tightly woven fabrics such as wool, denim or corduroy. In contrast, some lightweight fabrics, such as straw and cotton tend to be more breathable, but also allow more sunlight pass through the fabric and burn you.

Thirdly, some hats are specifically made for sun protection and come with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. The function of the rating like the SPF rating for sunscreen, gives you an idea of how well a product can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This number indicates the amount of fabric that can be penetrated by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. For example, a hat with a UPF of 50+ allows only 1/50th of the sun’s UV rays to reach the skin. Now the sun hat is designed to protect people from the sun, like a bucket hat womens, which is very suitable for summer wear.

Fourthly, just like the clothes, the more tightly you wrap yourself up, the more skin you cover, and the better protection you will get. The same rule applies to hats. A good sun hat should have a wide brim, at least 3 inches or wider. The wide brim prevents more UV rays from reaching your skin and protects your face from UV damage. It also helps protect easy-to-forget spots like your ears and neck.

Many people would like to purchase hats online. But don’t ignore the size of the hat. Because we often have the illusion that what fits on someone else’s head is the same as what fits on our own, but it’s not. If the hat is too tight, this straining can cause fabric fibers to stretch or tear, allowing more ultraviolet rays to penetrate the fabric. If the hat is too big, it may look clumsy. So measure your head size in advance and based on this to choose a hat.